How we work

The responsible manager often only has one shot to get the implementation right. Failure of implementation will result in the loss of the ownership of the project – with negative consequences for the prior owner. Therefore, there is a large incentive to carefully prepare the project and look for consulting partners, who are willing to take the risks with you and explain why they are able to control the risk.

Comprehensive Scope

SOICON’s experience shows that strategy papers are followed by a moment of truth. It can be a big advantage when preparations are done by the Top Management and when the Middle Management responsible for change is involved, but the Middle Management should also be able to contribute their own ideas.

Therefore, SOICON links three crucial processes into one overall view:

-processes for strategy definition
O -processes for deriving the organizational consequences
I   -processes for the implementation with stakeholders on site


These aspects are, in parallel, continuously considered, with changing weights; so, for instance, the implementation obstacles are not “forgotten” during the strategy definition.

Certainly, the Top Management cannot deal with all details of the implementation. However, the consultants responsible for the project have to address this comprehensiblee scope, if they want to guarantee success, and they have to acquire relevant information from the organization and deal with it.

Active Implementation

On behalf of the Top Management, the project needs to be managed loyally. For SOICON, this means that we represent the interests of our clients, and actively involve the Middle Management. The term loyalty, therefore, does not include sealing-off with respect to the organization, because this would built up a fatal heritage for the implementation phase, whether due to missing information from inside the organization, or due to mistrust during the rollout.


SOICON’s experiences show: If a representative of the Middle Management is invited to participate in the design, this is appreciated. The limitations set by the Top Management are accepted. Furthermore, a gliding change into the line of responsibilities can be prepared by means of the involvement. Not every line manager is an excellent Change Manager.

Thus, the “steering hand” is complemented by a “supporting hand”, to secure the change process.

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